Brenda Chamness
I use a Holy Spirit-led approach to inner healing, deliverance, brain deliverance, trauma bonds to time/land, generational inheritance/iniquities, brain-health coaching, spiritual roots of health issues, more...
Captive Thought Therapy
A Christian approach to healing that combines tapping with inner healing prayer to help you take your thoughts captive and find greater breakthroughs in emotional and spiritual health.
To see women living victoriously through the power and presence of Christ-healed, whole and FREE! Walking out their purpose and calling in Christ Jesus.  Life has many challenges and so often we find ourselves broken and struggling in this world. My heart is to equip and encourage women to identify and live out their truth of their identity in Christ Jesus. Unlockinghearts passion is to see women go from “stuck” to “unstuck” as their hearts become unlocked so they can begin to receive true and lasting restoration and healing. To offer hope and wholeness in Christ in the midst of the struggle.
Discipleship counseling which is gospel centered, coming alongside you as an individual with words of truth to encourage, teach, comfort and assist you during your time of need.
Kimberlee Herman – Redeemed Hope Counseling
Experience Christian spiritual living tools + resources from a licensed clinical pastoral counselor.
Leah Lesesne, MA – Shelemah
Let me join you on your journey to being as healthy, whole, and close to Jesus as possible! My unique skill set combining counseling training, inner healing ministry, and mind-body work will help you find the wholeness you’ve been seeking.
Seneca – Freedom Flowers
Grow through what you go through - effortless emotional healing using flower essences
The Inner Healing School
Self-paced, online school teaching the foundations, skills, and ethics needed to be a competent and compassionate inner healing practitioner
Trained as an Occupational Therapist, I noticed an alarming increase in autoimmune disorders a relatively short time. Frustrated that there seemed to be no hope, I am now trained in Splankna, SOZO, and Restoring the Foundations & love seeing people set free from all the enemy has thrown against them
Trained and Certified A’nesis Practitioner
I offer five day intensive programs to resolve past trauma. I have several unique trainings plus extensive trauma training.