A’nesis Transformation Model

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A’nesis Transformation Model
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Dr. Trudy has used this counseling model with hundreds of clients since 2012 in her Anesis Retreats and Counseling Sabbaticals. The intensive format that weaves in Christian inner healing techniques has proven victorious and transforming for so many Christians stuck in their inability to give or receive love and living under the bondage of triggers from trauma embedded in their nervous system subconsciously. Based on biblical truth this protocol specifically targets hidden systems of operation (false refuges) that ultimately end up blocking that Gift and Calling and Identity in Christ. This training is not for the faint in heart! For anyone presently offering inner healing, this could be the piece you are looking for to advance your work. If you already are proficient in muscle response testing this could be another tool for your tool-belt without conflicting with your present knowledge or techniques. Learning how to incorporate your inner healing into a 5 day intensive could be exactly what you’ve been needing to grow your ministry.

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