Alice Briggs – Emotional and Spiritual Healing

Trained as an Occupational Therapist, I noticed an alarming increase in autoimmune disorders a relatively short time. It frustrated me that there seemed to be no hope for these conditions. When my sister was healed of fibromyalgia after a few sessions of Splankna, it intrigued me. I am now trained in Splankna, SOZO, and Restoring the Foundations and love seeing people set free from all the enemy has thrown against them through my books, classes, and sessions - all are available at my link above.

Appointment Types Available
In Person, Video Call
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5717 66th St #118
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Central US
Inner Healing Approach
Listening Prayer, Restoring the Foundations, Sapphire Leadership Group - Arthur Burke, Sozo, Splankna
Adoption, Anger, Anxiety, Cellular Memories, Chronic Pain/Illness, Deliverance, Forgiveness, Fragments and Alters, Generational, Self-Esteem, Spiritual Abuse, Suppressed Emotions, Stress and Burnout, Teens, Trauma, Women’s Issues