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Seneca – Freedom Flowers

If you've never heard of flower essences, they are not oils but a means of healing using frequencies, or energy from flowers to heal negative emotional states.  Each different flower has its own specific healing properties, and we use a process set in Genesis 1 to extract and preserve the vibration of the flowers. Then I’ll combine them into bottled bouquets specifically for your needs. A consultation includes the bottle of essences that should last you at least a month.

Appointment Types Available
Phone Call
Accepting New Clients
Cost Per a Session
$55-80 for custom, other price points for non-custom
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Inner Healing Approach
Flower Essences
Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Forgiveness, Grief, Relationship Issues, Self-Esteem, Sexual Abuse, Spiritual Abuse, Suppressed Emotions, Stress and Burnout, Trauma